Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gambaran hidup #20

These are the pictures of people who always making noise and dirty at my hostel.

Feels like mainstream local artist photographer tiba-tiba.


ilyana said...

Hello hello! I promised to leave your blog a comment a few weeks ago but I forgot so I'm here because my Malaysian best friend said to me, "Omg remember that Malay dude's photography blog we were oohing and aahing some time back?" Yes. Anyway, please don't stop taking photos - it takes a lot to impress me and your images are just breathtaking. My favourite is that surrealist watercolour entry you thought was a little overboard - no it isn't, it's beautiful.

ilyana said...

Wow I'm rereading my comment and I sound barely lucid LOL, I apologise - had one too many coffees this morning ;p

Kid. said...

Oh my god oh my god oh my god thank you, Tea Noir is your blog right? Seriously I'm in love with your blog. Thank you so much!