Saturday, February 18, 2012

Aku #42

Thank you clouds for hiding my bulu kaki.

Third day of having fever,

sometimes benda ni macam common things bagi korang. But for me, demam is the worse thing in life. Fever ruined everything! My god, I can't do anything even masturbating!

Okay sorry, this is not gay porn blog or some shit like that.

Maybe sekarang musim demam, start from my lecturer mengadu she's having a flu and sakit badan like that and my friends datang datang rumah terus buat muka lima puluh empat sen and it goes to me.

Actually, I kinda miss my mom lah I guess. Ini sebabnya aku rasa demam. The best way is, I call her and record our whole conversation and listen back when I'm laying doing nothing.

Salah satu ubat yang paling aku suka.

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